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The Lifelong Activist

How to Change the World without Losing Your Way

Hillary Rettig

The Lifelong Activist is a guide to living a joyful and productive life that includes a strong progressive mission. It offers simple and clear instructions that help you figure out the form your authentic life should take, and live that life with a maximum of joy and productivity, and a minimum of fear, guilt and shame.

The book's sections are:
  • Managing Your Mission (figuring out your authentic mission)
  • Managing Your Time (building a schedule that allows you to realize that mission)
  • Managing Your Fears (beating perfectionism, procrastination and blocks to success, so you can follow your schedule)
  • Managing Your Relationships (leveraging your strengths with those of others)
The Lifelong Activist is for liberal activists, artists, campaign workers, labor organizers, volunteers, students, teachers, human services workers, and entrepreneurs, but anyone can use it and learn from it. It can act as a useful handbook for students and young people at the beginning of their careers; those contemplating a career or path change; and those at risk for burnout will find it particularly useful.

416 pp.  
7 x 9.5

Lantern Books


Published:  November 2006


Hillary Rettig, founder of Boston-based coaching company Infinite Art, honed her philosophy and skills working as lead coach and curriculum developer at a nonprofit Boston microenterprise organization. She has been active in feminist, labor, and other causes, and is currently active in the animal and vegetarian movement. She has has helped more than a thousand activists, artists and others achieve their goals.

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